We are “Rotary International” with over 1,195,224 members in 37,014 clubs who are committed to humanitarian service all over the world to promote literacy, save mothers and children, fight disease, provide clean water and sanitation, encourage economic sustainability, promote peace, and protect the environment. As People of Action, club members partner with other Rotary Clubs and non-profit organizations to seek solutions for lasting change.   
The signature global project launched in the early eighties is the Polio Plus campaign. The Rotary Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization have raised millions of dollars to vaccinate the world's children from the crippling effects of polio. We have reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent world-wide, immunizing more than 2 billion children across 122 countries. As of this writing, only Afghanistan and Pakistan have yet to be declared polio free. Thus, the "power of many" has made this feat happen.  
However, there is more work to be done.  The Rotary Foundation will embark on an additional $50 million campaign this year to finish the job to eradicate polio forever! 
As People of Action, Rotarians cannot live in a “bubble” isolated from the needs of our local and global communities. Certainly, we are expected to take care of ourselves, including our families and our local community, but we can and should do more. 
We are “Rotary International” and our motto is "Service Above Self." We serve wherever we are needed to drill for clean water; immunize children to prevent polio; provide maternal care for mothers and infants; remove debris after a disaster; deliver temporary shelters; send educational materials for school-age children; build affordable houses; plant trees to prevent erosion; teach basic literacy skills; encourage entrepreneurs for economic sustainability; improve healthcare and sanitation; distribute crutches, wheelchairs and medical equipment; treat those who need medical, maternal and/or dental care; and mediate conflicts.
How do we do all of this? We organize Rotary teams and community partnerships to provide hands-on service. We donate our time, talents—and our treasure. What is unique about monetary donations is we link Rotary clubs and districts who are sending goods, services and money with other Rotary clubs and districts who are receiving it. No money or services ever goes to a government entity—all is transferred Rotary to Rotary.
To promote literacy, Collin County Rotary Club donated $250, and a member donation match of $250 totaling $500, to the Guatemala Literacy Project in August 2022. A second payment of $500 totaling $1,000 was donated in September to the GLP for 2022-23. Our club has applied for a District 5810 Designated Fund matching grant of $500 to be eligible for a $1,000 global matching grant. If approved, the club will receive a reimbursement of $500 in May 2023.
There are two ways we can donate money for International Service. The first way is to donate to the Rotary Foundation who will invest the money for 3 years, and make decisions for the distribution. Rotary District 5810 and Collin County Rotary Club recommend a minimum of $150 annually per member. Members who donate a total of $1,000 are eligible for the distinction of becoming a Paul Harris Fellow. To raise an additional $50 million to eradicate polio, Collin County Rotarians are asked to commit to donating $150 annually per member to the Rotary Foundation and designate "End Polio." Payments of $37.50 can be added to the member's quarterly dues assessment. 
The second way is to donate directly to a non-profit organization that meets one or more of the 7 humanitarian objectives identified by Rotary International. The International Service Committee Chair has selected 7 international non-profit organizations who are Rotary partners. All have a long record of service and, if required to submit a 990 form to the IRS, are rated high by Charity Navigator. 
A voluntary donation of $5 per member per non-profit organization totaling $35, is recommended for 2022-23. Member donations will be matched dollar per dollar up to $100 by the Committee Chair for International Service for a total of $700 during 2022-23. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $1,400 from members for International Service projects plus any contributions from club and community funds.   
This demonstrates the “power of many.” Stand proud, Rotarians! You are one of 1,195,224 members represented in 37,014 clubs. If you can provide hands on service, it will change your life. If you can donate money and volunteer, it will change the world!
                                 International Service Opportunities:  Charity of the Month 2022-23
August                Fighting Disease            Rotary Foundation – End Polio Now         (www.rotary.org/donate)
September         Supporting Education     Guatemala Literacy Project                       (https://guatemalaliteracy.org)
October              Disaster Relief Services  Minuteman Response Team                     (www.minutemanresponse.org)
                          Fighting Disease              World Polio Day, Oct 24                          (www.endpolio.org/world-polio-day)
November          Providing Clean Water   Living Water International                        (www.water.cc)
December          Growing Local Economies            Heifer International                     (www.heifer.org)
January               Supporting Health Education       Project Hand Up                         (https://projecthandup.org)
February            Saving Mothers and Children        Guatemala Midwives Project      (https://midwifeproject.net)
                           Disaster Relief Services                ShelterBoxUSA                          (www.ShelterBoxUSA.org)
March                 Fighting Disease                           Doctors Without Borders           (www.doctorswithoutborders.org)
April                   Saving Mothers and Children      Save the Children                       (www.savethechildren.org)
May                    Protecting the Environment         Climate Change/Global Warming (http://www.noaa.gov)
June                    Promoting Peace             Peace Fellowships  (https://rotary.org/en/our-programs/peace-fellowships)
- Sandi Froese, Chair, International Service Committee, Collin County Rotary Club, (swfroese@sbcglobal.net)