Collin County Rotary Club began as a satellite of McKinney Sunrise in October, 2014, with charter and induction of officers by Rotary District 5810 Governor, Larry Webb. Also in this photo are members of the McKinney Sunrise Rotary Club who were asked to advise the newly formed satellite; McKinney Sunset Rotary Club with eight members. Main advisors and organizers were Sandi and Lyle Froese, Sunrise Rotary Club members at that time.
The twice monthly meetings were held in various McKinney locations, including Louisiana Street Grill, Spoons Cafe and Garage, Hampton Inn & Suites, and recently Caddo Offices Reimagined. A major effort was made to engage members in hands-on service activities throughout the community.
More than twelve agencies were served during Sunset Rotary Club history. Financial assistance for non-profit agencies were made possible by Sunset Rotary Club partnership with the flag-lease program of McKinney Sunrise Rotary Club. Sunset maintained three flag routes of 180 flags and received compensation to be applied to financial donations to service projects in community, vocational, youth and international areas throughout its seven year history.
Sunset Rotary Club Chair History

2014-15: Douglas Wilson

2015-16: Hal Harbor

2016-17: Michael Newell

2017-18: Debra Pope

2018-19: Hal Harbor

2019-20: Stephen Barotta

2020-21: Benita Sharpe

On May 11, 2021, Rotary International chartered the twenty-one club members as the Rotary Club of Collin County, Texas USA, the third Rotary club in McKinney, Texas.